frequently asked questions

  • We favor above all the auditors experience in the line of work of the firm to certify (or in a similar line of work that enables the auditor to understand the activity and its vocabulary), a diploma, if not linked to an experience in the line of work, is not a sufficient criteria for selection.
  • We also take into account the company’s culture to provide the best auditor for the job.

A company certified by EURO-QUALITY SYSTEM can publish its certification when:

  • The certification is valid and is not the object of a cancellation or a suspension.
  • The communication of the certification is not likely to mislead. Especially when a subsidiary belonging to a group is certified, the communication must not imply that the whole group  activities or subsidiaries would be covered by the certification.

An company certified by EURO-QUALITY SYSTEM can use the EURO-QUALITY SYSTEM logo:

  • On their headed notepaper
  • On visiting or business cards provided that the latter is associated with the company.

Remarks :

  • If you want to use EQS’s logo, ask EURO-QUALITY SYSTEM about rules on usage and your needs.
  • You must not modify or adapt the EURO-QUALITY SYSTEM logo in any way.
  • Do not say that your COMPANY is “accredited” but use “certified”.
  • If your COMPANY is certified ISO XXX version nn, use the complete title, eg.:  ISO 9001:2015
  • Do not put the logo or the certification references for ISO9001 or ISO 14001 on the products, the product labels or the product packaging.
  • Do not leave any ambiguity over the interpretation of your certification which might imply product conformity or that the certifications are product certifications or product guarantees.
  • Be precise as to the application of the certification ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 to your COMPANY, regarding to the activities and the sites covered by the certification.
  • Year N Audit
    • Initial or audit renwewal with a complet system review (documentation and field)
  • Year N+1
    • The surveillance audit must be made no later than 1 year after the initial audit date.
  • Year N+2
    • The surveillance audit must be made no later than 2 years after the initial audit date.
  • Year N+3
    • The renewal audit must be made no later than 3 years after the initial audit date whereupon anew certificate will be issued.