The certification of your industry is our business.
20 auditors and experts all chosen for:

  • Their experience in SME & TPE management
  • Their human approach and listening ability
  • Their understanding of business economics.
  • Their knowledge of your line of business
  • Their ethical and deontological values.
  • Their independence.

Auditors charter


  • The auditor meets the requirements of the certification body.
  • He has no excessive or unjustified requirements with respect to customers.


  • The auditor ensures transparency of his work in a win – win partnership with EURO-QUALITY SYSTEM.


  • The approach of the auditor is always humane.
  • He respects the human being, whether he is the audited, the board, or the representative of the accredited or certifed body.


  • The auditor respects EURO-QUALITY SYSTEMS image by his own behavior and by the visual presentation of the documents he creates.


  • The auditor provides a quality service and gives the customer complete satisfaction.


  • The auditor does not belittle neither his co-workers nor the permanent team, and does the best of his ability to facilitate the progression and unity of the EURO QUALITY SYSTEM’s team to which he belongs.


  • The auditor acts with the highest ethical standards by only offering services compatible with his job as auditor.
  • He does not criticize the competition but emphasizes the strengths and differences of EURO-QUALITY SYSTEM.